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100% Eco-friendly metals. This collection is all about saving planet in style!


RoYaL ZuLu

Sustainable materials, yarns and ribbons are brought together in a tribal, ethnic, multi-colored collection.



Classic designs and sustainable metals with a contemporary, chic aesthetic.


We design. But most of all, we love our planet!

Going eco is not a way- it's one way! We, ZERODREAMS, care for the enviroment and take action, in order for future generations and wildlife to find a sustainable, healthy and better planet to live on.

We choose to work with sustainable and eco metals thoughout all our jewellery collections. Aluminum is the new age metal for jewellery and became our favorite metal to work with since it's hypoallergenic, super light, nickel free, won't rust or discolor, water and salt water resistant, but -most of all- is eco-friendly, having 90% of its production, coming from recycling (!)

Our RINGSTRICTION Collection is dedicated to this purpose, formed 100% by eco materials. Inspired from female warriors, goddesses, tribes and women of power, who used to show their status through stacking jewellery. This collection stands as a tribute to a sustainable, primitive way of life, while making a statement both for women and the enviroment.

RINGSTRICTION Collection- Together we save the planet in style!

  • "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference."

    The road not taken, by  Robert Frost