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Choose the road less travelled



ZERODREAMS  believe in diversity,  freedom of expression and singularity.  Being and acting independently, without the need of approval and conformity of others,

self-consious  and aware of the  fact that each person is unique,  making his own path,  moving towards fullfilling his own destiny.  Our faith lies in the conviction that

every small  desicion is a step  added to the long trail we leave behind us and create forward us..  This trail come across hundred of thousands of trails of other people, 

who  sometimes inspire or affect us,  travel  by our side for a life,  some until a crossroad,  others for an instant.  Together we create the world,  we observe the world, we

make an impact. Familiarity is often an easy choice over the uknown, the new and unexpected which exists out of our comfort zone. Though easier paths are less stressful

and smoother, they are also less exciting and eventful, most of times without the joy of discovery and completion. Choosing the road less travelled might be challenging 

and potentially with more difficulties to overcome, but as a result we gain awarness, a better understanding of the world, knowledge and a greater insight, we grow and

mature through the experience, emerging as a better person. We open new paths for the world to explore and inspire others to open their own, unique path, choosing to 

be completed and happy.


"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

I took the one less travelled by,

  and that has made all the difference."


                                    The road not taken, by  Robert Frost