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ZERODREAMS is inspired from the words of Socrates, the Greek Philosopher. 

For us the idea represents action, fullfilment, the whole, a closed circle, zero. 

We do not dream, we make it happen!

Dream it real






      The beginning


The brand was formed in 2019, when designer and founder, Peggy Zarmpozani (Mira) decided to create her own brand. 

Story though begins a lot earlier in 2010,  when she returned to her hometown after studies in Physics. Mira started painting as a hobby, 

fell in love with female photography and moved towards creating her own jewellery collection and props, while making her childhood dream

come true by attempting a dance academy. There, she met with Nadia Tomazenko who became her muse. Dancing is a big part of ZERODREAMS team

with Nadia today running her own dance school, TNT Studio.


By August of 2014 space became a need and ZeroDreams Studio was love at first sight! 4 years full of creations, expression and challeges followed,

until 2018 when the first ETSY shop started in trial. Your love from day 1 was beyond expectations and this shop is running succesfully with over 700 sales,

100% positive reviews and feedback. This first step leads to the establishment in June of 2019.









Our Vision

The brand’s core lies in designing and bringing to life powerful

statement  pieces that honour,  raise up and embrace women

to be strong and inspiring.  Our vision is to create a dynamic,

multicultural, tribal bohemian vibe, by creating unique pieces

that make  a statement,  are handmade and  special, always 

made with love. We draw inspiration from the tradition of our

country  but also from  others  cultures and subcultures  that

made an  impact.  Coming  bold  and  exciting is our  way!    




Our Mission  


We design. But most of all  we love our planet ! Going eco is 

not a way - it's one way!  Dedicated to make a difference we 

are conscious in every step of the process, using sustainable,

eco  materials,  supporting local manufacturers, redusing our 

carbon footprint and communicate our vision.         


Together we save the planet in style!

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The reason

For us, there is nothing like do what you love, feeling happy
and excited every morning heading  to work, not knowing if 
your best  design  will born today!  It's a world  of  freedom,
with each day different,  with you  being part of the  process
and help us  grow. Some of our best designs were originally 
based  on our customers ideas!  All models,  designers   and
creators  are friends for years, each one giving a part of self,
making  ZeroDreams  team  a reality!  Sharing it with  you  
makes all the difference!                                                   





 Thank you for being part of our journey, hope you' ll be inspired and enjoy your time here.


♥Happy ZeroDreaming♥