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We design, But most of all we love our planet!


“Going eco is not a way, it's one way! We, ZERODREAMS, care for the enviroment and take action in order for future generations and wildlife,

to find a sustainable, healthy and better planet to live on. 

We try to achive that in every step of our process, from materials to production, packaging and wastes”



We choose to work with sustainable and eco metals throughout
our jewellery collections and mostly with aluminum, the new
age metal for jewellery and our favorite metal to work with, since
it's super light, hypoallergenic, won't rust or discolor, water and salt
water resistant, but -most of all- it's eco-friendly, having 90% of   
its production coming from recycling (!) Our RINGSTRICTION Collection
is dedicated to this purpose, formed 100% by eco materials, standing
as a tribute to tribes and their lifestyle.
Together, we help the enviroment in style!
 We join forces with local corporations and try to leave as less carbon
 footprint possible. Our fabrics are being manifactured from a small
 greek industry and processed from a family business of 2 generations,
 runed by Vassia and Vasilis. All costume pieces are being processed by us
All skulls and bones you'll find in shop were found in nature and
belonged to animals that lived free. We are all about preserving art
and the idea of finding new purpose and prespective to anything
expired. In our free time and adventures, we collect lots of different
natural materials (flowers, feathers, shells, branches) for crowns,
props and structures. Our family members and friends have jointed
our purpose and get excited to bring us anything weird or beautiful
that might have found during their own adventures.
Reduse, reuse, recycle, upcycle
We recycle as much waste possible during our process and we are
responsible and concerned in the way our wastes are proceeded. We
recycle our own paper wastes and make a type of handmade clay that
is used in most of our structured pieces and sculptures to give the
basic volume and shape.