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Founder, Designer, CEO


Hello everyone, i'm Mira and i'm very excited to share my world with all of you! 
I was born and raised in Athens, studied Physics in Patra but as much as i love 
science, my artistic side took over at the end! I love to dance, create art pieces
and content and have a strange love for bones! Having my own studio the last 
7 years is so exciting, i feel blessed to do what i love for a living 


Brand Ambassador 

Nadia is from Ukraine but lives in Greece since the age of six. She started dancing 
at that age and experimented with different styles. In 2009 Nadia and Mira met in 
a dance class and became friends and partners in crime. She’s a graduate of National
School of Dance, running her own dance school TNT Studio and working as a model.
She's our inspiration and we love her! 


Nicholas is the mind behind our Shitakusa Collection. Counting 20 years of frienship
with Mira, he jointed the team in 2019, experimented with materials and one day said 
'i love bonsai trees, how can i make one that looks like real?' Our shitakusa Collection was born!
He's running his own coffee shop and in his free time designs for us beautiful bonsai dioramas!