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Bonsai Branch Pot


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Inspired from the art of bonsai, a handmade real like bonsai tree to bring a zen feel to your room.
The style is contemporary wit a modern feel, focusing on freedom and a sence of breath, with the bonsai "growing" naturally towards the sun.
Made of a dry branch, decorated with dry natural spring moss that feels like real!
It is a long-lasting preserved moss with lovely soft and spongy texture, washed and cleaned to remove dust and small particles, that you can preserve in perfect condition for years by keeping the bonsai away from direct sunlight.
The pot is concrete and stands as a base, we recommend using a second pot to place the bonsai and give character, cover the empty space with small rocks, dirt, coffee or tea, and make it look more living than ever!
A real like bonsai that you need to do nothing but loving it!
A perfect decoration for living, office, bedroom and in fact, everywhere!

Height Variations at: 30/40/45/50 cm

Please, keep in mind that every tree is handmade and unique so slightly differences might occur compared to the picture.

For any additional info feel free to contact us. 

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