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Athena Cuff Bracelet/ Boho Edition


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Athena Eco Cuff Bracelets

Boho Edition/ 15 strands/ 5cm height/ 3mm thickness

Named after Athena, Greek Goddess of war and wisdom, the silver edition represents a true warrior in mind, as in battle.
Made of 15 strands of aluminum, that come together with piercing bars, a touch that gives an industrial, contemporary feel. They are super light and easy to mold/ adjust.
Aluminum is the new age metal for jewellery and our favorite metal to work with, since it's super light, hypoallergenic, won't rust, water resistant, but most of all eco-friendly, having 90% of its production coming from recycling!

RINGSTRICTION Collection - Together we save the planet in style!
Going Eco is not a way- it's one way! Dedicated to make a difference, we stand for the planet with a warrior spirit. We are inspired from goddesses, female warriors and women of power, who used to show their status through stacking jewellery. Embracing this spirit, along with our greek heritage and enviromental awareness, we came with our RINGSTRICTION Collection. Formed by eco-friendly pieces that honour, raise up and embrase women, while making a statement for the planet.

Please give us your tight wrist circumference in cm during checkout and get a perfect fit!

Feel free to ontact us for any additional info!
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  • Custom Size
  • Eco/ Recycled
  • Water resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Hand made in Greece
  • Processing time 1-3 days
For any additional info feel free to contact us!
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